Hi. We're Natures Best Barn Eggs.

We're located in sunny Wairarapa in the North Island of New Zealand. Our farm produces premium cage free barn eggs since 1995. We are committed to the environment, animal welfare and firmly believe that happy healthy hens produce superior quality eggs.

Graeme Napier
Company Founder


Our Farm

Henergy cage-free egg farm, located in the Wairarapa region, is the home of Nature's Best barn eggs.

Graeme, founder and owner of Henergy cage-free egg farm, started as a sheep farmer in Wairarapa. The small family business went from farming sheep to eggs.

Graeme had always loved working with animals, he designed a cage-free barn environment so the chickens can have the freedom to move within the huge barns, express their feelings and consistently produce high quality eggs.

Graeme stands strongly behind the brand and is committed to provide cage-free solutions for consumers who want ethical, natural and nutritional eggs.

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Our Barn

We let chickens be chickens.

Our chickens in the stress free barn have plenty of places to curl up, socialize, stretch their wings, litter to scratch, dust to bathe in, water to drink and nutritious food to eat.

High nutrient multigrain feed formulated for the farm includes a mixture of locally grown grains with added protein and calcium to assist in building stronger healthier hens. Happy healthy hens mean better eggs.

All eggs are collected daily and immediately stored in refrigerated units. The Henergy Cage-free farm is the only egg producer using this process that protects freshness through the handling stage and provides superior egg quality and shelf life.

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Our Eggs

Our eggs are 100% natural, wholesome, unadulterated.
High in nature's goodness.

In 1999, SPCA (New Zealand) awarded our farm as the first egg producer in the country with the coveted SPCA Blue Tick. Although the packs with the Blue Tick stamp of approval are available throughout New Zealand only the same quality of eggs is packed into all Natures Best packs.

Our farm was awarded the prestigious Good Egg Award, from the international organisation, Compassion in World Farming, for our commitment to cage-free eggs.

Our eggs are ideal for busy moms who want fresh and nutritional eggs for their kids, cooks who love fresh and tasty food, the health conscious who care what they put into their body, and those who are committed to animal welfare.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and a move towards environmentally friendly packaging, our eggs are packed in Carbon Neutral packaging.

Click here – to see our egg farm and how we produce nutritional and tasty eggs.

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